Open Houses

We’re hosting an Open House on campus in Amherst, MA this spring. Join us to learn why Hampshire is different, and why our differences matter!

At this event, you'll meet Hampshire faculty and students, learn about our unique curriculum and how students customize their own majors, discover our areas of study, and hear about studying abroad, Div III projects, and narrative evaluations. You'll learn about life in and out of the classroom, explore mental health and well-being resources, join sessions on housing and financial aid, and experience the social vibes of campus. Most importantly, you'll join student-led tours of campus, visit the dorms, and eat the food from our Dining Commons!

The date and link to register is below. After you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with directions, date, and time. A week before the event, you'll receive another email with the full schedule for the day. We hope to see you at our Open House this spring!

In-Person Open Houses

Virtual Open Houses